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A Gift for you:   Moving into Higher Vibrations, An Easy Way to Reconnect to Your Inner Self and the Best Parts of Life!

I created "Moving into a Higher Vibration" because learning to shift your vibration is one of the keys of change in the metaphysical universe.

When you focus on receiving higher vibrations, you shift. You sense the inner self, receive support from the universe, and life flows in a better, more positive way.

The universe -- and the world around you -- respond to vibration. When you lift your vibrations consistently, the world around you changes. Your awareness of the positive aspects in you and your world heightens.

The recorded meditation contains several meditations. I recommend listening several times and learning how to use them in your daily life. For example, you can send pink light to yourself and your surroundings several times each day. It only requires a minute or two.

The PDF lists the highlights and a few instructions for finding higher vibrations. It can be helpful to review the basics of the process as you develop your practice.

It’s right there within you, and you just have to listen.

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